Bar Frappe
Новый 2023 год в ресторане 27 Причал

Встречайте Новый Год в Отеле Золотая Бухта.

Почувствуйте атмосферу волшебства и сказки вместе с нами!

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Bar Frappe


Frappe Bar is a favorite place of those guests who prefer spending time on the beach.

If you are tired of the blistering sun and want to rest in a cool place, the lounge area, freshly squeezed juice, fruit mixes, smoothies, herbal tea and signature non-alcoholic cocktails will brighten up your pastime on the beach.

 And of course, we couldn't leave our guests without the famous Frappe coffee with delicious milk froth.  

We work for you from 9-00 to 24-00 in the summer
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