Wood-heated sauna
Новый 2023 год в ресторане 27 Причал

Встречайте Новый Год в Отеле Золотая Бухта.

Почувствуйте атмосферу волшебства и сказки вместе с нами!

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Wood-heated sauna

The hotel “Golden Bay” in Anapa invites you to enjoy real Russian baths (on firewood). Here, you can get rid of the influence of toxins and negative thoughts. Only one visit can be able to fill your body with energy, strengthen your nervous, respiratory and cardio-vascular systems. We tried to follow the best world traditions in order to provide a real rest to our guests. You will enjoy the beautiful sea view of the Black sea coast and forget about your problems.
All bath and cosmetic toiletries as well as a tea kit are provided to our guests.
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